Vebot 5.0
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Introducing Verbot 5.0
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What is it?

The Verbot Engine SDK provides the Core Natural Language Processing Engine (Pattern Matching) used in the Verbot 5 and Verbots Online. It includes class definitions for all basic data types: KnowledgeBases, Rules, Inputs, Outputs, Synonyms, etc... as well as the methods needed to reason on a KnolwedgeBase.

How the Verbot Engine SDK works:

Here are the main components of the Verbot Engine SDK:

  1. Verbot5Engine.cs:
    This is the main Verbot 5 Engine class which is responsible for loading knowledge bases into memory, it also contains the main "GetReply" method which is called to reason on a users input and fire a rule.
  2. Supporting Class Files:
    All the other class files in the Verbot SDK define data structures used by the engine and generic toolsets.

Additional Notes:

  • To see an example of how to use this Verbot Engine SDK, view the VerbotWindowsApplicationSample project in the solution source files.
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